Sushant Singh Rajpoot mystery 2020

Sushant Singh Rajpoot mystery
Sushant Singh Rajpoot mystery 
you are watching Sushant Singh Rajpoot mystery.t Bollywood actor Sushant Singh was found hanged in his home in bendra, Mumbai, on 14th June 2020. Police believes that Sushant has taken his life by committing suicide.

But Shushat's fans on social media say that Sushant cannot take his own life. Did Sushant took his life, or someone killed him for a specific purpose. In both cases Sushant is no more in this world now, God forgive and have mercy on Sushant.

 Lets try to find out whether Sushant was sick and tired of his exsistance or somebody took his life. Sushant Singh Rajput, who played a lead role in MS Dhoni s biopic, had given a hit film named chechore, last year. which earned a business of 215 crore on box office. The total cost came on this movie was 22 to 23 crore, but this movie earned well. So, it would be wrong to say that Sushant had a bad career or was not successful.

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Sushant was quite succesful and happy with his life. A person who has recently done a movie, in which he has explained to people that it is an act of looers to take their lives. Why would a person take his own life when he forbids others from committing suicide? Moreover, on 8th June 2020 at 1 am, Sushant s ex manager, Disha salian, takes her life by jumping from a 14 storey building. Then tv media breaks the news of Sushants death on the date 14. Jumping from a 14 storey building and finding Sushants dead body on the 14th, might be a coincidence.

 But why would Sushant take his own life on the suicide of his manager. Its very strange. Sushant also worked in Karan Johars Netflix movie, Drive, which was the first bollywood movie to be shot in Israel. The post which Sushant's co-star Jacqueline Farnandez put on instagram is quite suspicious. Jacqueline posted this picture and wrote "sush....i am so sorry, RIP" . Here the weird thing is, whom is Jacqueline saying Sush? Shush means telling yourself or others to keep quiet. Does Jacquline know something which she will never tell anyone, because she has taken the oath of silence? There are many angels of Sushants death.

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My job is to show you theangels. Its up to you to decide whether its suicide or a blood sacrifice. Is this sacrifice for Sushants last movie, which is going ing to be released in November this year. Because the company which produces the movie dil bechara is Foxstar studios, which is the subsidiary company of star india and star indias parent company is Walt Disney.

I have already Exposed Walt Disney, if you don't know walt disney was the biggest satan worshiper, than you should watch my Disney exposing videos, you will understand better in Fox star studio, the number of the word Fox, in numerology is 666. Which is mark of the beast, it is written in the bible that their is synagogue of satan who worship satan so here, fox's number is 666 And its strange that Sushants house is on the 6th floor of the building.

Sushant was suffering from depression from the past 6 months. Sushants ex manager went to meet her friend , on the day when she died by jumping from a 14th storey building. They were 6 people in total. Sushant remained in relationship with his ex wife /ankita for 6 years, and then they parted. They broke up in 2016. Here number 6 can be seen.

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 June is also the 6th month of the year. so if you take note, everything belongs to him has 6 in it, which makes 666 on wikipedia which is mark of the beast and it is possible that the same people killed him in addition, Sushant also visited CERN headquarters in geneva Switzerland, where the idol of Shiva has been placed.

Remember, this the place where the video of a girl being sacrificed in front of shivas idol, went viral. So, is sushant sacrificed? Because we should also note the details, that police did not find any suicidal note from Sushants home. this might be indicating that Sushant has not committed suicide but has been killed. Time will make it clear whether Sushant Singh Rajpoot committed suicide or he has been sacrificed, i have put in front of you all the facts i came to know.

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